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Brookside Commons

New Milford, CT

Brookside Commons is a three-story new construction structure. At 14,196 sq. ft, the building contains twelve apartments and one office. This wood-framed structure features six “handicapped adaptable” units on the first floor and six townhouse style apartments on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Each is served by their own entrance doors. There is also a private office for owners and staff to meet with residents. The entire design and construction were done to maximize energy efficiency. 

Unique features of this project were to include the requirement to remove the existing structure, including the sub-surface materials which were structurally unsound, and then reconstruct approximately 500 feet of private road. This private road will be used by six neighboring residences. The project also requires the reconstruction of a neighboring streambed, while working within inches of a critical water main. 

The building’s appearance is augmented by the creative use of various siding and trim materials, along with significant use of dormers and other architectural features to ensure it is a compliment to the existing neighborhood, while also being a dramatic improvement over the former commercial cleaning facility.

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