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DOT Maintenance Facility

Pomfret, CT

Award-Winning Project

The Project consists of the demolition of the existing and the construction of a new maintenance facility located on Killingly Road in Pomfret, Connecticut.


Building work for the single story facility consists of the construction of building composed of (14) maintenance vehicle bays and an office area.  The building is steel frame construction with exterior steel siding and masonry.  The work includes concrete, masonry, steel framing, steel joists, steel decking, wood, waterproofing, insulation, metal wall panels, PVC roofing, sheet metal, roof specialties and accessories, fireproofing, joint sealants, expansion control, doors and frames, sectional doors, aluminum and steel windows, hardware, glazing, louvers, metal framing and gypsum board, interior finishes, interior specialties, equipment, furnishings, fuel island and tank monitoring system, conveying equipment, plumbing systems, heating-ventilating-air conditioning systems, electrical systems, communications systems, and electronic safety and 

security systems.  


Site work associated with the facility consists of excavation and grading work to accommodate the building; removal and disposal of existing pavement; demolition and proper disposal of the existing facility, existing concrete structure, and motor fuel island; regrading of site for storm runoff; installation of drainage; installation of new utilities; installation of new pavement; 

installation of a fuel island; construction of the maintenance facility structure; curbing; fencing; pavement markings; turf establishment; landscaping; and exterior site lighting. 

Project Gallery

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