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DOT MOW Roof Replacements

E. Bridgeport/Stamford, CT

The East Bridgeport MOW Facility is located within the East Bridgeport Rail Yard on the New Haven Main Line. The facility has direct access to rail within the rail yard -- to the north there are catenary structures within close proximity of the facility. The facility has six (6) roof sections, five (5) of which are at different elevations. The roof sections currently carry exhaust fans, HVAC units, walk pads, mini-split units, gutter systems, abandoned roof curbs, ladders, satellite dishes, antennas and lightning protection rods. 

The Springdale MOW Facility is bound by the New Canaan Branch to the West and the Noroton River to the East, with no direct access to rail. There are two (2) roof sections with different elevations. The roof sections currently carry skylights, exhaust fans, walk pads, abandoned roof curbs, lightning protection rods and HVAC units. 

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