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LaRosa is focused on being a sustainable company by asking ourselves two questions: 


1) What is our impact on the environment?  

​2) How can we directly improve our own community? 


These two questions encourage us to think of sustainable practices on both large and small scales.  From reducing significant amounts of construction waste, to recycling a can in the office, our carbon footprint matters to us.   


Construction can have a large impact on the environment and we choose to make that impact positive.  LaRosa is equipped to building sustainably and has vast experience with LEED and Passive House requirements. We provide LEED and Passive House materials when specified and have greatly reduced what goes into a landfill through sorting, recycling, and thorough waste management plans.  


LaRosa has been upgrading its fleet and heavy equipment to be more fuel efficient. We also utilize software that not only limits unnecessary equipment idling but helps with proper vehicle maintenance. For many years, LaRosa has operated as a paperless, technology-driven company. We invest in software such as Procore, TimberScan, Onscreen Takeoff, Bluebeam, and Microsoft Teams to eliminate the need to print or receive paper and accelerate efficiency.  We no longer plot full-size drawings and communicate largely through innovative platforms. 


Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, we invest in our staff.  We educate our employees on energy-efficient buildings, practices, and regularly evaluate our own workplace to find ways to improve our culture.  We have minimized pollution by remote working and carpool to meetings or job sites whenever possible.  We conserve energy in the office through efficient HVAC, occupancy sensors, and tablet docking stations.  Many employees demonstrate sustainable habits by bringing lunch, using reusable containers, and/or recycling whenever possible.  It is important that our clients know we share in their sustainable beliefs not only on the project site but in our daily habits as well. 

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