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Bradley ANG Base Entry, East Granby, CT

Bradley ANG Security Forces – Building 18, East Granby, CT

Building 47 Roof Replacement, Newport, RI

Building 1313 + 1314 Repairs, Newport, RI

Cutler Power Plant,  Cutler, ME

LED Streetlight Energy Reduction Project, Groton, CT

P-848 Torpedo Magazine, Groton, CT

Schonland Hall - Building 52, Newport, RI

Sewer Main Replacement, Newport, RI

Syracuse NOSC Whole Center Repairs, Syracuse, NY

Readiness Center at Camp Niantic,

Pratt and Whitney Building M

Pratt and Whitney Substation

Pratt and Whitney Mezzanine 220B

Pratt and Whitney Horseshoe / Action

Pratt L Torit / Small Ballistics

Pratt EB2 Café Renovation

United States Coast Guard Mitchel Hall

United States Coast Guard Rowland Hall

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