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From Low-Income to Quality, Mixed-Income: Rockview Phase II

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

New Haven, CT

Formerly a 1950s rundown low-income housing complex, the Rockview Phase II project was re-developed into a quality mixed-income rental property with 62 affordable and 16 market-rate units in the northwest corner of New Haven.

Neighborhood View

The site was demolished in 2004 and redesigned specifically as a modern development for families to live comfortably, with dignity, and access to the resources they need to live, work and play. Despite numerous unprecedented challenges, such as the global coronavirus pandemic with related supply chain and delivery delays and the sudden passing of a subcontractor, the project came in on budget with minimal delay. The project was 100 percent occupied at conversion and earned Energy Star v3.1 certification and the Indoor airPLUS label on all the residential units.

There was some concern about the social design of the development with the mix of affordable (30% of income for rent) and market rates ($1,828) rentals. However, the fact that the development was fully occupied when the project was completed proves that mixed-income developments can be successful with quality design and construction.

It took an experienced design and construction team to make sure this project met the requirements not only of the Owner, The Glendower Group, but also the specific requirements for the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Connecticut Department of Housing, the Connecticut Housing Financing Authority, the Connecticut Human Rights and Opportunities Commission, and the City of New Haven Commission on Equal Opportunities.

It was also evident in the team's decision to incorporate a playground that was installed at the end of the project with the unused contingency funds. The exciting addition is an ADA-accessible educational playground and is certainly one of the highlights of the development.

ADA Accessible & Educational Playground

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