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Practicing the Art of Appreciation During the Holiday Season of Thanks

The annual season of gratitude brought up an interesting question in our minds: What's the difference between appreciation and giving thanks?

Appreciation is when we internally recognize and acknowledge the value of effort, work, or even thoughtful words by another person or organization.

Giving thanks is when we externally express gratitude to others in response to a service, compliment, or gift.

Thanksgiving is a great reminder to reflect on these thoughts, but gratitude is something that should be ingrained all year round.

As an award-winning construction company in Connecticut, we have a reputation for building structures that stand the test of time. As we approach the holiday season, it is essential to remember that the most valuable structures are the ones we build with our clients, partners, employees, and the greater community.

“Just as every solid building begins with a strong foundation, giving thanks is the cornerstone of building meaningful relationships. At LaRosa, we believe the art of appreciation is not just a seasonal gesture; it’s a year-round commitment,” explained James LaRosa, CEO of LaRosa Groups.

Thank You for an Ever-Growing Client Roster

LaRosa’s growth, reputation, and future collaborations depend on our client’s trust in us. So, we’ll start by giving thanks to our clients, the owners, both in the private and public sectors, with whom we have worked over the past year. THANKS for GIVING us the opportunity to see your projects to completion. We are proud to be your construction company of choice and look forward to future projects together.

Here is a list of our completed 2023 projects:

✅ DOC Energy Upgrades-Wethersfield

✅ Quinebaug Valley Hatchery-Plainfield

✅ Carl Robinson Correctional (Bathroom renovations), Enfield

✅ 540 New Park Avenue, West Hartford

✅ Rocky Neck Village, East Lyme

✅ Choate Rosemary Hall-Wallingford

✅ ⁠216 So. Division Street- Peekskill, NY

✅ The Bradley Home & Pavilion-Meriden

And a partial list of current works-in-progress that are close to completion, including:

✅ DPH Water Infiltration Repairs- Rocky Hill

✅ ⁠CCSU Burritt Library-New Britain

✅ MLK Apartments-Stamford

⁠✅ My Sister’s Place Pliny Street Housing-Hartford

⁠⁠✅ 340 Dixwell Ave-New Haven

✅ Brookside Commons-Waterford

✅ Acme Timber Lofts-New Haven

Thank You for an Award-Winning Year

Our client’s overall satisfaction with our work ethic, occupational skills, and a strong sense of responsibility is a source of deep appreciation and gratitude. Winning an award for a project by a professional organization is the ultimate compliment for which we are eternally thankful.

2023 has been our second consecutive year in the post-pandemic era for award-winning projects, beginning with the Rocky Neck Village in East Lyme, Connecticut, which was awarded first place in the Large Multi-Family/Mixed-Use/Large category by the 2023 Connecticut Building Congress (CBC) for project team excellence.

“Winning this award for the second consecutive year was an epic moment, and I am incredibly appreciative of the team and their collaborative professional efforts with the owner, Wallace Architects, and the CHFA, which contributed to the project’s award-winning success,” explained James LaRosa, Chief Executive Officer, LaRosa Groups.

But that's not all. We recently won the ABC Excellence in Construction Award for Residential/Small Projects for the Choate Faculty Housing project, completed in February 2023.

choate rosemary hall - award winning construction project

Despite a harsh winter, supply chain delays, and stringent Passive Housing standards, LaRosa built seven energy-efficient houses and renovated an existing home for the faculty at Choate Rosemary Hall in nine months, on budget, and met their summer deadline.

Thank You to Our Professional and Collaborative Project Partners

Thanksgiving is a time for reflection on all our project partners, including the architects, owners, energy consultants, government agencies, and subcontractors. It is through the collaborative process and their investment of time, talent, and professionalism that we have achieved success.

“We’re all passionate about our work. We all inspire each other. I think we have a symbiotic relationship, not only in terms of how we deliver our projects but also how we work with one another,” explained Kyma Ganzer, Preconstruction Manager, LaRosa Groups

Thank You to Our Staff for Being the Backbone of Our Success

Last but not least, we would like to publicly share our appreciation for our staff, the valuable individuals who make LaRosa Building Group an award-winning team and are the backbone of our reputation. Behind every construction project is a dedicated team of employees working diligently to bring the vision to life, meet the owner’s expectations, and create a culture of success.

“Our team of talented individuals work together for the common goal of serving our clients. Our collaboration hinges on the application of our core values and how we embrace them as a team,” explained Patricia Parete, Chief Financial Officer, LaRosa Building Group.

Our staff rallied during the pandemic and found resourceful ways to stay safe and complete the projects on time and under budget. They approach their jobs with total professionalism, compassion, and enthusiasm and internalize our core values of safety, professionalism, integrity, quality, and dedication. They work well with each other, and it is because of how they care about each other and take pride in their work that LaRosa is who we are today.

Giving thanks and showing appreciation feels good. May we all find ways to positively communicate our appreciation and give thanks on more than one opportunity during the coming year. We wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season filled with appreciation, joy, and continued success.

Happy Thanksgiving!

For more information about our award-winning construction company or how we can help you with your next project, visit

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